Kirsty & Derek


Yet again I was reminded about the light factor and that no matter how perfectly pretty the background might be, or how awesome the couple’s chemistry might be…that the light by far will determine the look and feel of the photo. Here we had all three elements : awesome backdrop…with a couple that just so perfectly match each other and the most awesome soft light. It does not get any easier than this. The only time that Kirsty stopped smiling this entire day was when I told her to give me a serious look for the photo!

La Colline looked so classy all dressed up in soft pinks and warm beiges.

Derek and Kirsty : hope you love the photos. I had so much fun!


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Candice & Brent


I think in pictures. That’s just how my mind see things. Boredom drives me nuts (well almost as much as doing the dishes) and even from the first time I met Candice and Brent, I had this picture of the two of them in my mind. It’s one where Brent is standing with his one hand casually in his pocket…with his body weight mainly on the one leg…. His got this mischievous grin and Candice is right by his side…with her one arm behind him and the other one on his shoulder. The setting is Thatchwoods (Christophen & Jeanine’s wedding) and that is the picture of Candice and Brent in my mind…and also a picture that just so perfectly describes the two of them. That is where they belong. Brent would not be Brent without Candice and Candice would not be Candice without Brent. It’s just insanely perfect. Candice has got a voice that make people listen. I think you can call it a ‘radio voice’ and from the get go she knew what and how she wanted this day to play out. She is strong and assertive and just when you think that is it….you see a little tear running down her cheek…and then you realise why Brent is so totally crazy about her. She is so much woman and a little bit of girl. I love Candice! Her friends adore her and what a total honour to have been the one chosen to photograph this memorable event. Candice and Brent’s names were written into my calendar since who knows when…and together we all counted the sleeps on facebook. If I weren’t as chuffed that they are finally together forever…I would have been sad that it’s all over. GOODNESSS! What an awesome day and what an awesome job I have!

C Vintage Wedding Photograph (3).jpg

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Charnette & Lyntan

I am so excited to share these photos that I almost can’t think of a lot to write down. To talk about what a classic and gorgeous bride Charnette made would be like stating the obvious. Lynton is a genuine guy who genuinely loves Charnette. I totally like their group of friends and I had a ball spending the afternoon with them all.


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Matt & Nichola

30 April 2011


This is the last wedding of the wedding season, and I can finally boast that I am officially up to date with my editing. Its been a crazy fun wedding season and from September its been a non-stop ride. I knew it would be. And boy I had met awesome people and each couple has had an impact into my life. Long ago I read something in a book that said that with each person you meet you change a bit and that even one look from another person can change a thought or a process in your life and that all of these moments in the end, make up who you become. I love meeting people and spending a day with people at a wedding is sometimes so life changing to me. Thank you to each each couple who has allowed me to spent this time with them. Its been an awesome wedding season and even though each season brings with the fair deal of laughs and cries, I am forever changed by those moments.

I have been driving passed the Lake for 7 years and across the water you can see Lake de la Vie. I have always wanted to photograph a wedding there and I am so glad I only got to photograph a wedding there now, since they have changed the entrance. I always knew I would like the venue…what I did not know is what an awesome drive it would be to get there! The wildlife I saw within that 10 minute drive to the venue, most tourists would not find spending a week in Kruger and even though we in SA might be a bit spoilt when it comes to wildlife, it does not get old when a 2 story high giraffe walks right pass your car. They just do not look that big in photographs.

I have been blessed with such organised brides this season and on my list it would be between Megan and Nichola for the first place spot! I so admire people that is so organised and just like at Megan’s wedding, this wedding had a perfect flow. The planning was done to the last milli-second and it paid off! I loved the fact that Matt and Nichola joined their friends for sun downers before everyone entered the hall. It just made it feel so personal. There was just such a warmness to this wedding and hope the photos tells the story!


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Rob & Helet

25 April 2011


Nothing about this wedding could have been more perfect. I love The Links and Helet and Rob made it look even greater than it already does. What an awesome wedding from beginning to end.


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